Thursday, October 5, 2017

Life Update: October 2017

Well hello! Long time, no posts haha. Life has been crazy. And the blog has definitely been put on the back burner (and turned way down low). But, right now I'm not in the mood to do my American Heritage homework (please no), and I really want to update you all because....

I'M ENGAGED!!! Or should I say WE are engaged! I haven't talked about Weston at all on the blog (or at least I don't remember it... It's been a while since I posted. I'm blaming it on him ;)). Weston and I met back in January in an indoor cycling class at BYU. He sat in front of me (so you can imagine what a great view I had two times a week ;) hahaha jokingggg. Although he never seems to leave that little detail out when he tells the story).

Weston is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He's a tall, skinny guy who loves to ski and skateboard. His eyes water when he eats hot food and when he gets excited he screams but nothing comes out of his mouth. He is the happiest person I've ever met and he is the kindest most selfless fiance ever (wow fiance sounds so fancy lol).

This is us on our first date! 

We had class on Monday and Wednesday for an entire semester but it took until the end of March for him to ask me out (like come on haha). Our first date was a hike up to the Archery Range above my house (which is also where he proposed, presh) and then we went over to the Waterfall (where the above picture was taken). It was the greatest thing and honestly I could see myself marrying him after the first time we hiked together (he kept up and we could talk so easily!). After our first date in April, we've seen (or at least Facetimed) each other every single day.

The best adventure buddy! Here we are going down a slot canyon.

And riding the jetski at Lake Powell!

But then, he left for the summer to do sales in Houston. We Facetimed for hours every day, it was terrible haha. I went and visited him twice and he came back to Utah twice. It was the worst yet the best summer ever! We became very close, and pretty much know every single detail about each other because all we could do was talk over the phone. Let's just say I wouldn't change it but I also wouldn't want to go back haha.

Weston came back in August, and it's been the best ever since. Not to get mushy, but he's the greatest person I have ever met! He rubs my feet, fills my car up with gas, and goes to Costco with me #goals. Also, we are best friends, so we do EVERYTHING together. I mean everything! I love that we have the same hobbies (nothing like having a permanent biking buddy).

So, now we live 2 seconds away from each other. We are both going to BYU and are super busy, but we still manage to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together (even if it's 10:00pm like last night, ek sorry about that Wes haha). You can always find us riding our bikes together or eating mac and cheese. We can't wait to get married and sealed on December 29th! 

More updates and more recipes to come soon! Thanks for being patient with me during this crazy (and wonderful) time of life! 

and Weston ;)



  1. Great travel trip you both had and you both really are the amazing couple, I loved your pictures and the great place you visited. Keep sharing.

  2. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!