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Thanks for visiting Sourdough Sunday! My name is Gretta and I'm married to that handsome man above. His name is Weston! We got married in December 2017. 
Weston and I love to do pretty much everything, from mountain biking to home cooking. We met in cycling class at BYU and (I'll admit it) I sat behind him. I had a great view the whole time and that was the end of my single life haha! 
I love Sourdough Sunday because I can share all of my passions and stories, while maybe helping someone else along the way. Sourdough Sunday is named after a family tradition of eating sourdough waffles every Sunday with my family, a secret family recipe that I may just share one of these days. Learn more about me and Sourdough Sunday on the FAQ's page found HERE

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you again soon!


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