Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lemon Butter Salmon on a Cedar Plank

Right now I am currently in the library at BYU. Today is the first day of school and wow is it overwhelming. I'm definitely going to miss those summer days where I could cook and take pictures all day haha! But let's be honest here, I've always enjoyed school because I get to go to sewing and cooking classes! Let just hope I can keep up with school work and posting on the blog! 

It is currently 12:16 and I am so ready for lunch! But, being a broke college student, I don't want to spend money, so I'll just sit here and eat my granola bar wishing I was eating this wonderful salmon! My family loves this quick and easy lemon butter salmon cooked on a ceder plank. We make this recipe or our oven-broiled salmon at least every week! Fish is so good for you and when it tastes like this, it is pretty easy to eat lots of it!

One little thing before I let you at this recipe...It is not much of a *follow exactly or it will be a disaster* recipe. Just get enough salmon for the amount of people you are feeding, put the salmon on a soaked cedar plank (or two if you need more space) and put pieces of butter, a lemon round, and salt and pepper on each piece. Then cook it on a hot grill until the juices run clear. Sounds easy right? Well guess what... It is! Easy and way WAY delicious.

Lemon Butter Salmon on a Ceder Plank
Salmon (individual or single piece)
About 3 Tablespoons butter (see picture-small piece on each side)
1 lemon, washed and cut into rounds
1 Cedar Plank (or more depending on amount of salmon)

1) Prepare ceder plank for grilling by soaking it in water for 1-4 hours (put a weight on top to make sure it is fully submerged).
2) Remove cedar plank from water and place salmon pieces on top.
3) Cut small pieces of butter and place on each side of salmon (see pictures)
4) Place lemon rounds on each side of salmon.
5) Place prepared plank on hot grill (450-500° F) and cook until no longer transparent inside, about 10 minutes.

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