Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy Day

Okay sorry for the delay in blog posts, goodness gracious life has been kind of crazy.  But guess what!  I aced my Family Finance exam and passed my Stats test (lol).  I'm pretty sure that packing myself with processed sugar (fruit snacks are my friend) helps me remember everything, right? But now that I have up climbed that steep hill of tests I am feeling pretty dang good.  Today I am thankful for:

-That boy who walked with me to the testing center as I was going to my Stats test and made me feel a lot better than I look (greasy hair is a real thing).
-The miracle of having two packages of fruit snacks in my bag, yayyyyy.
-That pin on Pinterest that made me spit water out on my computer because it was just so dang funny (but seriously I swear everyone in the library is staring at me right now). 
-The hilarious Russian dancers who are practicing right by me (insert laughing/crying emoji). 
-The beautiful clouds in the sky. 
-Two awesome songs called Marvin Gaye and Black Magic that makes me feel like dancing.  
-And honestly I am thankful to go to school (I probably wouldn't have said that last night as I crammed for Stats) but I sure feel lucky to have the opportunity to learn and grow. 

I listened to the LDS Women's Conference on Sunday morning while I was cutting out my fabric for a lovely laptop case (blog post to follow).  Women's Conference is a meeting where all the LDS women ages 8+ meet and learn doctrine from presiding church authorities. Throughout this week I have been thinking about Sister Linda S. Reeves talk. She discussed the topic of trials and how we do not fully understand why we have trials but that we will be grateful for them in the end. When talking about the day we will meet with our Heavenly Father again, she said:
"In that day of reward, we may feel to say to our merciful, loving Father, "was that all that was required?"--- What will it matter what we have suffered here if those trials qualify us to exaltation with our Heavenly Father and savior, Jesus Christ?"

I love that quote. How amazing is it to think that although we have these hard trials, they will pass, and we will be thankful for them someday. We will look back and say "was that all I needed to do for these amazing blessings?" All we must do is strive to keep the commandments and be faithful through our trails. And WE CAN DO IT!  Matthew 25:34- "Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit that kingdom prepared for you..."
Keep on keeping on.
And have a happy day!

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