Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Sand Dunes and the Birthday Boy

Happy birthday to my big brother, Wyatt. He's 23 on the 23rd! Yesterday my dad, brother and I went to the sand dunes for his birthday and for our official last ride before school starts.

When we were younger my family had a small dirt bike that I would ride around.  Ever since I out grew that bike, that didn't have a clutch, I had a hard time ever getting used to using one.  But finally a couple years ago I got up my nerve and decided to try my mother's bike.  I still remember my older brother pushing me faster while taking my first ride around in the ball field.  It was like I was a little kid on my first try after getting off the training wheels.  I am forever thankful to my brother for pushing me to learn a hobby I have grown to love. Riding motorcycles has brought Wyatt and I a lot closer. He has been such a good example of strength and hard work. He never gives up.

Tonight we are having steak and potatoes for his birthday (what else would a 23 year old boy want). And for dessert, his favorite, Three Layer Golden Chocolate Cake, a mouthful of words and a mouthful of something mmm mmm good (recipe in next post).

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