Saturday, September 5, 2015

Canning Peaches

Peaches are by far my favorite fruit. In my mind, there is nothing better in the world than a juicy, sweet peach.  And with this recipe, you can have peaches all year long! These peaches were a childhood staple. We would have peaches and cottage cheese in our blue plastic bowls before bedtime, (sounds weird but it is sooooo good, I dare you to try it).  So take a step into my childhood and get ready for a quick and easy canning recipe. I promise these peaches are better than anything you've ever had from the store.

Canned Peaches

In a large sauce pan, dissolve sugar into water to make syrup.  Use 2 cups of water to 1 cup of sugar until you have enough syrup to fill your jars (we usually end up making more along the way, so don't stress too much about this).  Heat water until the sugar is melted. 

In a clogged sink, pour boiling water over peaches to scald them.  Stir for a couple minutes until skins become easy to peel.  Using a long spoon (so that you don't burn your hands), unclogged the sink.  Run cold water over peaches to cool them off. 

Fill clean canning jars (any size) with syrup until about 1/3 of the way full.  Doing this helps the peaches from going brown, and so they don't bruise when you drop them in the jar.  

Peel peaches, discarding skins and pits.  Cut peaches in half (or a little smaller if you are using narrow mouth jars) and place them in your jars with syrup. Fill jars with peaches up to the neck, and add more syrup up to the neck also.  

Clean off rims with paper towel and top with ring and new lid (no need to boil lid).  In a large pot with a grate on the bottom (jars should not touch the bottom of the pot-see canned tomato post for picture), place jars filled with peaches. Fill pot with water up to necks of jars, cover with lid.  Turn on stove and wait until water is at a small rolling boil.  Let peaches process (small rolling boil) for 30 minutes.  

After 30 minutes, turn off stove and carefully take out jars. Let sit for 24 hours, and check lids to make sure they have sealed (the lids should not spring back when tapped). Write date on lids and store in a cool, dry place.  They last a couple years, but we like to eat them in the first year because they stay firm. 

Woot woot! Can you see how excited I am about this ^^^ I hope you enjoy these jars full of heaven. Let me know if you have any questions.  


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