Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The First Post

Hello! This is my first post, how exciting!  My name is Gretta Marie Warner. I live and grew up in a small community up Provo Canyon with my family of six.  I am the third of four children, one boy and three girls. I've decided to start Sourdough Sunday as a way to help people learn from my successes and failures, and hopefully teach a thing or two along the way.  I am a sophomore at BYU majoring in Family and Consumer Science Education (or FACS Ed.-less of a mouthful).  I love everything about home and family, and can't wait to have one of my own someday.  Here is a picture of my lovely family.  This was taken at my sister's wedding a year ago, I am the second from the right.

Sourdough Sunday was a tradition in my family that started way back when an old sheepherder gave a sourdough start to my great grandpa. We have used the same sourdough start to make everything from bread to waffles.  The tradition of eating sourdoughs on Sunday has been carried down from my grandmother, and has continued through my mother, aunt, and two uncles. Even my grandparents still have sourdoughs on Sunday. 

After some thought about starting a blog, my mother, sister and I decided to try and come up with a good name. We were up at the family cabin last weekend, near Fairveiw, when this idea came to us. As we were walking down the stream watching my dad, brother-in-law and grandpa fly fish, my older sister, Ellie, and my mom started shouting out blog names. After a few very interesting (and by interesting I mean horrifying) names from mother, she looked at me and said,  "how about Roll Your Eyes at Mom." A burst of loud laughter sent the fish in the stream running, okay swimming, away (that probably explains why they could only catch 4). But finally, although I am not sure who came up with the idea, Sourdough Sunday was dug up, and it stuck. So here we are!  I hope you can learn something from me and my crazy life.  Talk to you soon! 

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